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The Conduit Group is a new type of generator specifically created to address the future identity attributed to new american design. We are a group that erases boundaries between client, designer,curator and manufacturer in hopes of establishing new methods and means for the fostering of innovative design. Rather than add more “stuff,” for more inspiring perspectives and landscapes that promote innovation over imitation.

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Simple Yet Great Ideas When Remodeling Small Kitchens

Some people are very lucky to have a home that has big kitchens, while there are those who have to make do with a small kitchen. Truth is, in real life, most of us tend to live in homes that have relatively small kitchens, especially older houses, apartments or even at a condominium.  In case the idea of expanding the kitchen is not possible, it does not necessarily mean that you and your family have to endure the cramped space each time you have your meals.

These simple yet great ideas for remodeling small kitchens (such as appliances, color scheme, layout, etc) can make even the tiniest kitchen feel spacious and cozy rather than cramped and suffocating:

  • New Flooring

If you are someone who is a do-it-yourselfer and you would like to save some bucks on labor, you can install some new flooring.  It may take a lot of time, but it is very easy to lay out the tile flooring by yourself.  If you are up to it, you can assume that it will take you 2 days to install all the tiles.  Most of the laminate wood flooring is of a tongue-and-groove style which makes it very easy to install on your own as well as it gives an overall warm appearance to the kitchen area.  You can also use laminate flooring that you can peel and stick, but it is not as robust as wood or tiles.

  • Reduce the Number of Doors, Widen the Windows

granite-kitchen-islands-custom-cabinetryKeep in mind that when it comes to kitchens, the door leading to it is always optional.  If your kitchen is very small, simply opt out the door.  By opening up the doorway leading to it and removing the door will make the small kitchen feel less cramped and appear more spacious because it is connected continuously to the rest of the home.  Also, install taller and bigger windows, because these will make your small kitchen look and feel bigger.  If you can elevate the kitchen ceiling, feel free to do so.  Minimize window treatments and allow the light to get in for a more spacious ambience.

  • Color Scheme and Decoration Materials

To make a room appear bigger, use light-colored decoration materials.  Do not install big ceramic tiles on your walls or floor because it will only emphasize the smallness of the area.

  • Furniture and Appliances

When it comes to furniture and appliances to be put in a small kitchen, always think those that are retractable, modular but still functional.  For example, choose a refrigerator that is thin yet tall.  You can have the stovetop installed or put into the countertop to maximize the floor space.  If it is possible, have your cabinets set onto the wall.  Instead of using a huge table and chair, design your countertop in a way that you can slide modular stools under it.